The Printable Sudoku Puzzle Site has tons of free, printable sudoku puzzles!  Ranging in skill level from very easy to extreme, there are puzzles that are just right for you.

Don't know how to do sudoku puzzles?  No need to worry!  There's a set of printable tutorial sheets that will teach you everything you need to know.

The large-print sudoku puzzles have bold letters and numbers that are easy to read.  Put away those reading glasses- you won't  need them.
About This Site

     Why our puzzles are the best you'll find anywhere on the Internet!

  • Large print sudoku puzzles are sooo easy on the eyes.  And its easy to fit the numbers in the boxes.
  • Printable puzzles fit perfectly on regular paper.
  • The pages with the puzzles are completely ad free.  So you're not printing out the ads!
  • The easiest puzzles available and the hardest!  ...and everything in between!
  • Neat, clean, professionally-formatted puzzles look great.

Printable sudoku puzzles features the highest-quality free sudoku puzzles you'll find anywhere on the Internet.

The puzzles on this site are all saved in pdf form and are designed to print perfectly from any printer, on any computer.

And, as you can see by the pictures, the puzzles all have dark, large-print letters and numbers, so you won't need to pull out those reading glasses.

All of the puzzles on this site are free, so enjoy them!

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Level A: Super Easy

Level B: Easy

  • Puzzle B-1:  Almost too easy.
  • Puzzle B-2:  I can handle this.
  • Puzzle B-3:  Still easy.
  • Puzzle B-4:  So Simple.

  • More Level B: Easy Sudoku Puzzles
Free, printable Sudoku Puzzles
Level C: Medium

Level E: Extreme

  • Puzzle E-1:  Headache.
  • Puzzle E-2:  Are you kidding?!
  • Puzzle E-3:  Aye carumba!
  • Puzzle E-4:  Genius level.

  • More Level E: Extreme Sudoku Puzzles
Level D: Hard

  • Puzzle D-1:  Smoke comin' outta my ears.
  • Puzzle D-2:  You call this hard?!
  • Puzzle D-3:  For sudoku brainiacs.
  • Puzzle D-4:  The frustrator.

  • More Level D: Hard Sudoku Puzzles

  • Learn Sudoku 1:  Rows and columns
  • Learn Sudoku 2:  Three by three boxes.
  • Learn Sudoku 3:  More than one missing number.
  • Learn Sudoku 4:  Multiple missing numbers in 3x3 boxes.

  • More "Learn Sudoku" Tutorial Printables
Alphabet Sudokus

  • Alphabet A-1 (Very Easy): Easy as A.B.C.
  • Alphabet B-1:  Easy
  • Alphabet C-1:  Medium
  • Alphabet D-1:  Hard

  • More Alphabet Sudoku Puzzles
Very Easy Sudoku Puzzle
Printable Word Searches

Printable Cryptograms

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